• The people in the villages are SO friendly! The children will wave and shout ‘hello!’ and the adults will wave and smile. It is truly heartwarming.
  • Some tuk tuk drivers and bus conductors will tell you they know where you want to go when they actually have no clue just to get money out of you. Be mindful of this and always ensure that you know the general direction of where you need to go. It is also a good idea to have the route mapped on a phone and to track your journey to make sure you’re going the quickest and most direct way.
  • The power supply is super sketchy all over Sri Lanka and there are constant power outages. I didn’t quite grasp the whole concept behind why there were power outages however I was told that the Government turns off the power between 3.00pm & 6.00pm each day. Some places have generators, it’s that regular. If you’re dining out for lunch, it’s a good idea to try and eat lunch before this time as many cafes lose power in the afternoon.
  • As a Caucasian female, local men will photograph, video & ask you for photos. This made me super uncomfortable but I believe it is quite common.
  • The plastic problem is terrible all throughout Sri Lanka. There is so much litter everywhere & plastic is burned constantly as a way to dispose of waste in many villages and communities. Try and avoid contributing to this problem by limiting your single use plastics and disposing of them properly if you do purchase any.
  • Although there are some complex issues such as plastic use, rubbish disposal & animal welfare, there are some incredible people and organisations in Sri Lanka doing their best to bring about change. WeCare Worldwide is my absolute favourite charity based in Sri Lanka who help stray animals.
  • Dahl, string hoppers and coconut roti are LIFE. Eat as much of them as you can while you’re in Sri Lanka! They are all local dishes that are absolutely delicious and super affordable. Some days, I ate dahl for breakfast, lunch and dinner!





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