Japan is well known for it’s exotic animal cafes but unfortunately, these cafes don’t always have the animals best interests at heart and use these animals merely for profit. Many of the animals are not living in anything that resembles their natural environment and their natural routines are disrupted (owls kept awake during the day despite being nocturnal etc).


During my time in Japan, I wanted to find somewhere ethical to visit which led me to Neu Cat Cafe in Osaka. Neu Cat Cafe was started up to help abandoned and rescued cats find safe forever homes. They are on a mission to improve animal welfare in Osaka. Not only does Neu Cat Cafe house rescued cats on the first floor, but it has a fully vegan restaurant upstairs!



The Cat Cafe can be a little tricky to find so make sure you load the location into Google Maps. It is down a thin, narrow alley way and you really need to keep your eyes peeled as it is easy to walk straight passed it like I did.


When I arrived, I was greeted by a lovely lady who took me upstairs to order something to eat. I had some of the best soy meat I had eaten during my travels in Japan along with some rice and vegetables, yum!


After that it was downstairs to meet and spend some time with the cats. The cats were all very relaxed and clearly very happy in their environment. Some of the cats absolutely loved playing with the toys whilst others were content having their midday siesta. The staff speak basic English but it was very clear to see how loved all of the cats were.


What a privilege it was to visit Neu Cat Cafe. This is an absolute must visit when in Osaka!





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