Osaka was the last stop on my adventure through Japan and wow, what a vibe this place is! Bright lights, bustling nightlife and shops galore, Osaka could easily be mistaken for busy NYC.


I arrived early in the evening having caught the Shinkansen bullet train from Hiroshima and was met with a bustling metropolis. The area of Shinsaibashi made me feel a lot like I was in Times Square.


I stayed at The Flag Shinsaibashi and absolutely loved this hotel. Shinsaibashi is one of the main shopping areas so my hotel was very conveniently located for a bit of last minute shopping.


Dotonbori (also called Dotombori) is the most popular area in Osaka for food, entertainment and nightlife so I was really excited to visit this area. This area runs along the Dotonbori canal and is absolutely buzzing after dark! There are lots of street performers, a tonne of shops and restaurants, including lots of little hidden tucked away bars that back onto the canal. It is definitely worth wandering through this area of an evening.





On my second day in Osaka, I went on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel which had fantastic panoramic views of Osaka and really gave me an appreciation of the size of this busy city!


I then made my way to Neu Cat Cafe which is a cat cafe and shelter that houses only rescued and foster cats. You can read more about my experience here.


And then it was time for one of the activities I had been most excited for on my trip to Japan – real life Mario Karts on the streets of Osaka! This is without a doubt one the funnest things I’ve ever done. I booked my tour with Street Kart Osaka and opted for the evening tour as I had heard that seeing the city of a night time with all the lights on made for some awesome views. Note: you MUST have an International Drivers Licence to participate which has to be obtained in your home country prior to arriving in Japan.


What a way to end my time in Japan! Until next time, Sayonara Japan!







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