They say the grass isn’t always greener, however the grass, in fact, IS greener for the 170 farm animals that are fortunate enough to call Greener Pastures Sanctuary home.


Greener Pastures Sanctuary is a farm animal sanctuary in Waroona which is about a 90 min drive (110km) from Perth. The property sits on 100 acres and is home to a variety of animals including horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, alpacas, pigs, turkeys, foxes, cats, dogs, geese and birds. Most, if not all of the animals have been saved from a life of exploitation for food and/or fashion. They were unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected or deemed to be ‘waste’ by the agricultural industry. They are now safe, loved and free to enjoy their lives free from suffering.



The Sanctuary was established by Rachael Parker and her family in March 2013. Rachael spent 9 years doing veterinary nursing and through working so closely with animals during that time, she and her family decided to move to a larger property and dedicate their lives to saving rescue animals with a focus on farm animals. They also promote a vegan lifestyle for ethical, environmental and health reasons which aligns with their beliefs, morals and values.


The team at Greener Pastures run regular sanctuary tours where you can meet the animals and hear their stories of how they came to find safety at Greener Pastures. I have been fortunate enough to visit Greener Pastures Sanctuary twice over the last few months to meet some of the beautiful animals.



    Pixie is my little sponsor thanks to a beautiful birthday gift from a friend. She was born at the Sanctuary as her mum, Mrs Margaret (the cow pictured behind) was rescued from slaughter in the beef trade one month prior to giving birth. Pixie and her mum live together at the Sanctuary and have a very close bond. Cows have very strong maternal bonds and are attentive and protective of their calves.




Wombat was only a baby when she was loaded into a truck to be slaughtered. Although she would not have known she was on her way to be slaughtered, she would have felt fear and uncertainty. Whilst en-route to the abattoir, she flung herself from the truck, landing on the ground. Thankfully, she survived the fall and her life was spared. She now spends her days relaxing in the sunshine and rolling in mud, exactly as pigs should.




    Lola is a mum of two kids and enjoys showing new visitors around the property. Did you know that the birthing process in goats is called kidding?! And baby goats are standing and taking their first steps within minutes of being born? Amazing!




    The team at Greener Pastures Sanctuary run tours of the property, not only to raise much needed funds for the on-going care of the animals, but also to enable people to have the opportunity to interact with farm animals. It is hoped that these tours will enable people to form a connection with farm animals and see them for who they truly are: intelligent, social and affectionate beings.


    There is a very strong disconnect in our society and a view that farm animals are ‘different’ to domestic animals and are purely a commodity for food, fashion or entertainment. ALL animals are sentient and feel pain and suffering. The only difference between a farm animal and a domestic pet is our perception and that becomes very clear when interacting with the beautiful farm animals at Greener Pastures.


    Greener Pastures also participate in public outreach and attend events in the Perth metro area with merchandise stalls and ambassador animals. You may have seen one of their resident sheep Levy at the live export protests in Fremantle!


    They rely solely on public donations, and all money received goes directly towards caring for the rescue animals as well as making improvements to the sanctuary, helping them to continue saving lives. Donations and sponsorships are always gratefully received. (reminder that any donation over $2 is tax deductible)



    If you’d like to visit the Sanctuary and meet the animals, tour dates and booking details can be viewed via their Facebook page.


    If you are planning on doing a tour, I strongly suggest wearing a pair of gumboots as some of the paddocks can be very muddy. I also highly recommend stopping off in Pinjarra for lunch after the tour. Jarra Infusion is a great little cafe that has lots of vegan and vegetarian options.


    I cannot say how much respect and admiration I have for the team at Greener Pastures and the incredible work they do rescuing and caring for farm animals. The Sanctuary is such a beautiful place and it is clearly evident just how much the animals are loved.


    You can find more information about Greener Pastures Sanctuary including volunteer opportunities, sponsorships, donations and merchandise here.


“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world”.



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