Do you love animals and the outdoors? Do you enjoy trying new things? Then keep reading because I have found a very unique experience that you can do right here in Perth! It’s called goat yoga and it is as interesting and hilarious as it sounds.



Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Mount Helena, approximately 10 minutes drive from Mundaring, in Perth, Western Australia. The Sanctuary is home to over 180 rescued animals including cows, sheep, donkeys, possums and you guessed it, GOATS!


The team at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary host goat yoga run by a qualified yoga teacher on select dates throughout the year as a way for people to interact with the beautiful animals and raise much needed funds to provide ongoing care for 180+ residents.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I absolutely love yoga, the outdoors and animals so when I saw that Possum Valley was hosting goat yoga on my birthday, I knew it was meant to be. Without any hesitation I booked myself a ticket and told everyone I thought may like to join to come along too!


Many of the goats at Possum Valley have ended up at the Sanctuary after being found injured, sick, orphaned or confiscated from homes where they were not being properly cared for.



Goat yoga is usually held in the early afternoon, so I highly recommend stopping off at Cafe Mojo in Mundaring for lunch beforehand as they have lots of delicious vegan options!


As you arrive at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary and park your car, a short path leads you to a large open paddock where some very friendly goats and sheep will greet you for the yoga session. The goats are very inquisitive and love to inspect anything that you’ve brought along so I suggest bringing in essentials only.


I recommend bringing a yoga mat with you that you don’t mind getting a little dirty as the yoga is held in a paddock and it’s highly likely the animals will walk on it when saying hello! If you are doing goat yoga on a cooler day, I also highly suggest wearing warm clothes as it can get cool if there is a breeze. And of course, don’t forget your phone/camera!



If you want to bring any donations with you, they are also gratefully accepted – the most preferred supplies are fresh fruit & vegetables, Weetbix, birdseed, towels, queen or king size flat sheets and ecofriendly washing liquid.


As you find a spot to place down your yoga mat, the goats are likely to come over and give a helping hand and possibly even test out your mat for you! All of the goats have different personalities and most of them are very friendly, however if they move away from you, it’s possible they no longer want to interact and that’s fine – they are free to roam around as they wish.



Once everyone is set up, the class starts and the goats roam around and basically do whatever they like. Some may come up to you for cuddles or a pat, some may stand or lay on your mat and others may lay down in the paddock. It is a very casual yoga class and you definitely don’t need to have any yoga experience whatsoever. There is no obligation to do all of the yoga poses, in fact, I think I spent at least half the class just sat on my mat watching the animals and laughing with my friends. You are welcome to take pictures and video the goats and sheep throughout the class.



After the class finishes, you’re free to wander around the paddock, say hi to the animals and take some photos with them. The Possum Valley team also take pictures throughout the class and upload them to social media afterwards.



Having never done goat yoga before I was a little nervous about what to expect but it was such a fun and relaxing experience and the BEST way to celebrate my birthday! I HIGHLY recommend giving it a go!


You can find out more about future goat yoga sessions here. Possum Valley also run sanctuary tours, busy bee days and recruit volunteers to help run the Sanctuary. More information is available here.





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